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THE WHALE (2014)
Adirondack Theatre Festival
Director:  Kristen van Ginhoven


Times Union
"Merely standing up from the sagging couch to which he is moored requires an effort to be dreaded. Looking around the clutter-strewn, squalid

apartment, where grime outlines photos long ago taken off the walls, you’re sure some of the books and newspapers on the floor have been there

for years because picking them up is essentially impossible for Charlie.  The superb set is by Juliana von Haubrich."

The Post

"The walls of the set, given a unity courtesy of Juliana von Haubrich, are inescapable and gray, the gray of bleached whalebones or of a prison cell. Clutter ebbs and flows around furniture, the tideline of a polluted shore. Books signifying a great mind are overwhelmed by empty pizza boxes and soda cans, implying the tragic strait the main character is caught in. Essays flutter off side tables, the desperate search for a route between these two extremes."

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