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"ANN" (2019)
Arena Stage & Dallas Theatre Center
Director:  Kristen van Ginhoven


"Juliana Von Haubrich’s set is simple at first. On either side of the stage are flagpoles, one displaying the American flag, one the Texas flag. There is a podium for Richards to deliver the commencement speech, stage left. When Richards moves from narration to describing her life as Governor, Atkinson pushes the podium and it conveniently zooms off, disappearing stage right. Haubrich’s set then reveals the Governor’s office, dominated by a huge desk, covered with papers and paraphernalia. Behind the desk is a wall of windows covered with warm brown, horizontal wooden shades. As Richards’ horrendously busy day draws to a close, lighting designer Andi Lyons creates a gorgeous sky behind the office with pastel colors from azure at the top of the stage to apricot at the bottom, the vibrant sunset peeking out behind the frame of the office."

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